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          Welcome to Critter Croft Acres!

We are located in Southwest Michigan, just outside of the town of Allegan. Our community has a very historic appeal and "small town" values.  On the outskirts of town, our community is rich with agricultural growth.

Here at Critter Croft Acres we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We love this small breed for their diversity and easy upkeep. They make an excellent dairy goat all wrapped up in a small package! 

As you are navigating around our website, you will find the Jr. Goats are listed below the Sr. Goats on the same page.   

We now have our own "soap shop" located on our farm.   Visit our "Soap Page" to have a look at the wonderful soap we make with the milk from our very own herd. Goat milk soap is very pleasing to the skin. It will not leave your skin with the dry feeling as other commercial soaps might do.

 We have  included an "About Us" page that will occasionally have updated information about our family and farm. Also on this page are links and information on Allegan County Specialty Shops. Please feel free to visit each website and find out about our unique shops here in Allegan and the surrounding area.


This link is also a great source of information for anyone interested in spending some time in our beautiful community
Thank you for your interest in visiting our website,.

Scott and Elizabeth Engelsman


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Critter Croft Acres,LLC has been established since 2002
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